Compulsive Eater? Welcome to Mindful Eating!!!

Once upon a time, there were two women who as teenagers used food  to maintain control, deal with stress or fill the void they felt in their life.  Over the years they tried various methods of disordered eating, such as:

  • Binge eating followed by purging, with self-induced vomiting, excessive use of laxatives/diuretics, fasting or excessive exercise
  • Compulsive overeating, tending to eating more than necessary or empty calories when stressed
  • Eating tiny meals in public and binging in private
  • Using food to satisfy emotional hunger
  • Preoccupation with weight, food, calories, fat grams, and dieting

Flash forward twenty years .  .  .


One of the women is now healthy, has various methods to deal with life’s stressors and has fallen in love with her sometimes imperfect and full-of-potential self. 


The other woman is still resorting to compulsive or binge eating to deal with emotional pain and as a result, she is experiencing a variety of health issues.


Why did one woman find the path to taking better care of herself and healthy methods of coping, while the other woman is still using food as a way to “hide” from her emotions and fill that void?


               She had help !!!

A Word About Mindful Eating . . .

Food does not have to be your enemy, and if you are denying yourself the food you love, there are ways to enjoy it while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  I'm not talking about a "diet" in the sense that we all generally think, but rather a "rest of your life diet" that allows for an occasional hot fudge sundae!  

If you want to start enjoying food again, call or email me now!



Hi, I'm Linda McKenney, and I am a Personal Life Coach specializing in coaching people struggling with Eating Disorders, Food Addiction and Emotional Eating.


Learn more about Mindful Eating  . . . .


The treatment of Eating Disorders is multidimensional and the support of a Personal Coach as well as an MD, therapist and nutritionist enhances the client's  success as the treatment of ED is not a cure but a journey of empowerment to love and trust oneself.



A Personal Coach augments the supportive network of family and friends, by providing empathic and consistent feedback and guidance and will assist the client to begin living in the present rather than a reactionary connection to the past.




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