Elephants and Compulsive Eating?

The choice of an elephant for my logo was inspired by a poem by John Godfrey Saxe about six blind men who examine an elephant for the first time. You’ll find the poem at this web address:


The blind men are relying on their sense of touch, to determine what the elephant looks like, and are only touching the animal in one place. This severely limits their perception. None of them are able to take in the complete animal.

What does this have to do with Life or Eating???

For example, the man who touches the elephant’s side, thinks it is like a wall. Do you often encounter “walls” when you are trying to deal with your life or eating? Do you need techniques to learn how to scale the wall?  Do you need help to stop retreating or using binging or purging or emotional eating to deal with obstacles? 

I could go on and on, but you get the idea. People are often like the blind men when experiencing their own lives. They are limited in their interpretation of possibility and stick to conclusions made in isolation that may not be accurate. If you are even close to thinking like one of the blind men, you are restricting possibility in your life!

You need some help!

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